The beginning

.  .  . or rather, the continuation.

Ihave written a few poems. A few I like. Others are just practice (aren’t they all)?

I have decided to join the National/Global Poetry Writing Month ( ). Some will be rubbish and some will be a little less than rubbish and some might even be good. I have no clue. I am just going to give this a go.

About me and poetry…. a lot of poetry I just do not understand. My poetry is simple and usually just a creative way to express what I am thinking about or feeling on that particular day. I took a creative writing course in 2013 and my awesome instructor taught me a few things. Now I will practice writing. Yes, this is a practice exercise. They say for writing to be a craft, you have to practice. So here I am…

This journey is about to take off….

March 2018 @RuthEK

Here is a link to a photo with a poem attached that I took and wrote back in 2016.