Only One!

The prompts reminded me of this poem I wrote a few years ago. A friend used the words to write a song. I was honored. The assignment for this poem was Ghazal style.

One word today, a smile tomorrow
can change the course of a life
twenty years later, a life has evolved
Starting with YOUR word, act, gesture –Ruth Klein

One act of kindness, I want only one.
A sandwich shows kindness!    It takes only one!

Sitting on a bench crying, alone.
A hug, a hankie!                   It takes only one!

Shivering in the rain, cold to the bone.
A suspended coffee, an umbrella!             It takes only one!

Downcast eyes, shuffling, disheveled, not stoned.
A smile, a dollar!                  It takes only one!

Tripping and falling, painful scraped knees, a moan.
Some salve, a band aid!           It takes only one!

She stumbled and fell, her hair is undone.
A gentle tone, a comb!              It takes only one!

She rants and she raves. She talks ‘til she’s done.
A listening ear!                     It takes only one!

It’s dark and she’s scared to walk home alone.
A companion, a call!            It takes only one!

One object, or act; one place or a word;
Compassion, dear friend. It takes only one!

Ghazal style
by Ruth Klein 2/11/2013
revised 4/23/2013
4 April 2018 @RuthEK

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
– Dalai Lama XIV