I Miss the Way We Were

Several years ago I took an informal song writing class. It was the summer of 2013 and my heart was broken. I wrote this song, put it to music. I have a recording but… well…

I Miss the Way We Were

Oh oh I miss the way we were
Oh oh I miss you
Oh oh I miss the way we were
Oh oh I miss you

verse 1:
We used to laugh and cry together
Outcasts were we
Cast out from our family
Just you and me
Then something changed
you turned away
You left me all alone
no one in our family
shared the bond we owned.


verse 2:
And as the hours and days went by
I cried and I cried
I slowly came to realize
I’d never see your eyes
And then one day you showed your face
I ran and we embraced
It was not even awkward
Love, hope and grace!


Verse 3:
It’s only been a few years now and
I can foresee
That things will never be the same
between you and me
it’s not because of bitterness
But ideology
We just don’t see eye to eye
‘bout god and policy


Verse 4:
We joke and laugh and play together
why do I despair?
unspoken differences
Tension in the air
laughing with you once a year
helps to ease the pain
I miss the closeness that we shared
I hope it comes again.