In the last several days I have had three significant dreams

1. Sisters moving bed and crushing me between bed and wall. I was invisible to them.

2. Airplane crash that I was sure was heading straight for me and I was flat on ground wondering if it would hurt and would I feel it. Then it didn’t hit me but plowed into a few buildings behind me. Some of my friends were missing and I think we were at war.

3. Last night I was on the side of the road with my mom and dad (I’m not sure why, but no car in sight) and it began to snow very hard. Within a few minutes it was at least six inches deep. We were not dressed for snow but we’re enjoying it and amazed at how deep it was and then all of a sudden the ground covered snow rose up in front of my dad and we were horrified to see a tiger rise up. Then it looked at us. But moved away and then swiftly turned and circled around and started to attack my side. I remember thinking… My arm isn’t covered, I wonder if he can smell me. And then as he leaped to attack me, I woke up.