Day 20 and a note about opioids

20 days in a row of necessary exercises to strengthen leg muscles that support my knees.


Did you know that if you are given a prescription for pain (opioid), and you use it regularly for even as few as a couple of weeks, you should NOT JUST QUIT TAKING IT–YOU MUST QUIT GRADUALLY if you don’t want to have nasty withdrawal symptoms? (Yes, that is a nasty long sentence.)

Drug companies AND doctors are remiss in counseling patients. They tell you you can get addicted, but they don’t tell you how to wean yourself, so then you get really ill or get accused of being a junkie.

Everyone is talking about the opioid epidemic and I think doctors should take a lot of the blame.

I am extremely angry at my doctors, at the moment. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Hope your day has been better!!