Accumulation – not minimalism

About six weeks have passed

Emotions boiled over

The shit load of memories

Were in the shed and closet

It’s not my fault she chose to travel abroad for a month

I don’t begrudge that time, but hell, don’t use it as an excuse or reason why her time is limited.

Three years ago her sister died and dad was moved to a care facility and died 1.5 years ago.

The house is still occupied by an elderly aunt. Mom died 9 years ago.

Before we moved in we started the clear out. 66 years of accumulation of shit. Some really good shit and some just trash shit. The dust was unbelievable (mold too). And the floor of the kitchen was damaged beyond repair. We lived here with auntie and all the shit for 3 months. She couldn’t come because she is a teacher in another state. Then we had to unload the kitchen cupboards, because to fix the floor, the custom built (in 1970) cabinets had to be torn out. We were down two rooms. Which were piled with kichen shit including China.

Would you happily live in a house with someone else’s shit because your sister had to see everything before it could be thrown away?