Love: Purple, Blue

Love: Purple, Blue -the revised version of Violent Love

Love, she said, write about love.
Love is clichéd, I say, what is love?

Babies asleep in their bed
the door flings open after midnight
her husband enraged
she screams in pain and anger
doors slam, the house shakes
finger shaped welts rise up on her neck
her buttocks, purple and blue

papers are served
restraining order retained
he attempted baby kidnap
911 dialed, court order enforced
he withholds money
no jobs in town for her
food stamps and welfare acquired
friendships dissolve
shunned and shamed
family, what family?

she is trapped
a cage built of religious words
soaked with arsenic
served in a warm cup of tea along with
deceitful blessings of
“he really loves you,”
patriarchy, an accomplice
this violence

by Ruth
revised 4/23/2013