Pain – free flowing thoughts

Pain is my constant companion (CC).

Sometimes just beside me sitting on my shoulder and sometimes screaming in my face.

My CC is annoying and sometimes controls my life. I keep trying to reign it in, but then she gets louder.

What is my CC trying to say to me, you ask?

The biggest thing that she wants me to learn is how to take better care of myself. And to understand that she will always be here – part of my genetics.

My CC wants respect and care. (I’m trying to figure this out.)

Anxiety and stress makes pain increase AND pain causes anxiety and stress.

My pain is telling me to pay attention. Be kind to myself. And to take care of myself.

I have finally started down that road by exercising (stretching etc) daily. TODAY IS DAY 34!!! AND I am cognizant of being more mindful to relax my brain and muscles that will make my CC quieter and happier.

Thank you for listening.