Why Minimizine Pain and a poem

Why Minimizine Pain and a poem

Why do I minimize my pain?

No one can read my mind or feel my pain. This is the truth. Really. I’m not lying. Can anyone truly read your mind or feel your pain? Didn’t think so.

So why?

I’ve gotten so used to pain that it has become normal. I want to be the other normal. I don’t want people to view me as lazy, but yet, I sometimes view myself that way. So when I tell people how I think I really feel, it sounds exaggerated and sounds like excuses.

I don’t owe anyone an explanation. Yet, I do owe the doctors a better idea of what I am feeling so they can truly help me.

I think I’ve started to change, yet I get irritated when others express pain because then I’m worried I can’t help them because I am unable.

I feel like I talk about my pain all the time. Yet some say they had no idea, when I really tell them. Others don’t want to hear it…. They act like it is in my head.


Why don’t you believe me
when I tell you I have pain
Do you think I want this?
What have I to gain?

I long for empathy
Not pity or disregard
Hear me. Believe me.
Tell me that you care.

I don’t want you to fix it
I am not helpless
Just some adjustments
An ear to hear a steadying hand

Be by my side
Walk with me, not ahead of me
If I can’t keep up
You have my blessing–go ahead

Encourage me to try
Help me unobtrusively
I’m not a baby
Even if I cry

Believe me when I tell you
I am slow today
Believe me when I say
I can’t do it

Believe that I want to
Yet can’t makes me sad


Do you have pain?

Do people believe you?

Do you have a brave face?

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  1. It is a difficult plight to have pain that no one really sees and so may doubt. I empathize your situation. As I am aging, I am getting more pain so I do understand and believe if you say you are in pain that it is real, I do hope those around you will offer some comfort by understanding.

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