Day 7 Unsent Letters #OctPoWriMo 2018

Day 7 #OctPoWriMo

Theme: unsent letters; Word prompts: Unsent, Unspoken, Letters, Mail

Dear Ones,

These words until now
Only Said in my head
Go round and round
While asleep in bed

My words are unspoken
Yet scream, “I am broken.”

Your beliefs have you shackled
Fear makes you cry
Afraid that I am headed
To hell when I die

My sins they are many
Unpardonable it seems
Divorced and remarried
And then a new creed

Your rejection and distance
Helped me to question-
What do I believe?
What is my profession?

The thing I’ve not told you
And you may fear the worst
I don’t believe that the Bible is
God’s literal dictated verse

I don’t believe in your God
The deity of my youth
He’s angry, hates women
Causes pain and destruction.

This letter will stay
In this form for awhile
No need for more pain
That’s just not my style.

This is my truth
My name is Ruth

Your daughter

@Ruth October 2018

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