Day 8 Moments of Madness #OctPoWriMo 2018

Day 8 #OctPoWriMo

Theme: moments of madness. Style: Blitz Poem. Word Prompts: Obsessed, Crazed, Troubled mind, Yes and No, Up and down

“The twist is bad” is what my 6th grade classmates would chant when I would walk past them.

Don’t twist and shout
Don’t sway and dance
Dance is indecent
Dance is lewd
Lewd thoughts
Lewd actions
Actions of obscenity
Actions of lust
Lust impairs thinking
Lust is a sin
Sin clouds the conscience
Sin can kill
Kill your righteousness
Kill your desire
Desire of good
Desire of God
God is jealous
God will punish
Punish with darkness
Punish with fire
Fire that burns
Fire that is hot
Hot without ceasing
Hot eternally
Eternally damned
Eternally lost
Lost and crazed
Lost and not found
Found out
Found blamed
Blamed for thoughts
Blamed for ideas
Ideas of fun
Ideas of freedom
Freedom from bondage
Freedom of rules
Rules that stifle
Rules that control
Control your actions
Control your thinking
Thinking means actions
Thinking condemns
Condemns the masses
Condemns the fun
Fun is evil
Fun is of the world
World going to hell
World without fun

@Ruth October 2018

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  1. My mother’s maternal family were fire and brimstone Baptists. I see many of their thought processes echoed here. Nice job tackling a difficult subject.

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