Day 13 If I Were You #OctPoWriMo 2018

Day 13 If I Were You #OctPoWriMo 2018

Suggested Style: Blitz

Suggested Word Prompts: should, might, consider, absolute, discover

If I were you, I would

Shut the f* up
Shut your trap

Trap those words
Trap and consider

Consider your ideas
Consider and discover

Discover the power
Discover the strength

Strength of hurt
Strength of damage

Damage and pain
Damage of soul

Soul that’s hurting
Souls that might

Might listen
Might think

Think about your words
Think about and act

Act out your rage
Act on an understanding

Understanding nothing
Understanding distain

Distain for the repetition
Distain about your lack of depth

Depth of perception
Depth of knowledge

Knowledge of nothing
Knowledge of all prejudice

Prejudice of party
Prejudice of gender

Gender or race
Gender or party

Party of war
Party of threats

Threats of defamation
Threats and bullying

Bullying with words
Bullying with threats

Threats of harm
Threats of action

Action of anger
Action that hurts

Hurts with a sting
Hurts like hell

Hell on earth
Hell of pain

Pain like a cut
Pain of words


@Ruth October 2018

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