Day 20 Time Stands Still #OctPoWriMo 2018

Suggested style: Minute poem or Loop poetry. Let’s see what happens.
Word Prompts: Moment, hours, minutes, clock, hourglass, future, past, present chronology

I am going to include the wabi-sabi theme from the 52Frames photo group where you submit a photo once a week that is taken that week using the suggested theme. My goal is to do it… and try not to break my streak. Feel free to check them out and join up if you are so inclined.


Time Stands Still

For hours we would play with her
Her beautiful dress and hat from long
Long ago. Little did I know
Know that when I picked her up today
Today, to take a wabi-sabi Photo
Photo of my past where times stands still
Still as a foggy memory of two little girls
Girls who are sisters
Sisters now grandmas
Grandmas gifted the porcelain
Porcelain couple as a wedding gift
Gifts can be precious and untouchable
Untouchable these were not
Not? Well maybe not supposed to be
Be that as it may, we played
Played until one day she fell
Fell to the floor and her body 
Body of porcelain cracked in two
Two pieces of a woman
Woman with no head
Head and bodice with no bustle
Bustle we did... to find Elmer
Elmer's glue put her back together
Together we sighed a sigh of relief
Relief that we had fixed the damage
Damage that can still be seen
Seen yet still beautiful
Beautiful wabi-sabi

@Ruth October 20, 2018
@Photo October 20, 2018