The Organ

The photo was taken 2/2013 and it inspired this poem.

The photo was taken of the Organ in the “Edythe Bates Old Recital Hall and Grand Organ” of the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University.

The Organ

Not a heart, nor a kidney
A lung it is not.

Yet it breathes in this narrow hall of
Tall stone walls, plain, white, baffled
Fifteen rows of wooden chairs
Facing, seeing, hearing, watching

The magician enters, turns a gear the bench moves
Sits, reaching, pushing buttons and knobs
Fingers glide back and forth on keys of bone
Hands chasing each other from end to end
Feet prance on pedals of maple
Encased in a curved body-a vertical mahogany tower
Handcrafted pipes, various sizes, rising up,
Vocal folds ready to vibrate

Notes swirl in the air as trees swaying in the wind
Breezy melodies, puffs of lullabies
Visions of dancing, graveyards, church and war
Hurricane reverberations assaulting eardrums
Cadences circling our heads

Torso, arms, and legs stop
Atmospheric movement weaves with gentle echoes
Silently the creator stands
People clap and cheer, the hall empties

And left standing alone,
The organ waits to take its next breath.

@Ruth 2013

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  1. i love everything about this poem, especially the subject of it. i like the way you regard it as a being that breathes. beautiful picture also. it looks like holy space

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