I want to welcome my friends that I just invited today.

I was annoymous, but decided not to be. I’ve been annoymous for several months and found that whether I knew people I knew would read or not, I wrote the same way.

I merged my poetryispoetry website with this one, and deleted that one.

All of my blogging has been this year, starting with NaPoWriMo. You may recognize the signature Noni, or RuthEK , or Ruth.

My poetry is rough and raw. It is what it is. I probably won’t edit it, unless I see a glaring error. My rewrites will be offline. Some of my topics will be controversial to some. But maybe it will spark a conversation.

I will also post my pictures that I submit to 52frames. I did that last week. I will do that today or tomorrow.

Today I am concentrating on figuring out how to get copies of my poems from here to Scrivner. I found blogbooker.com which will be very helpful.

I am enjoying blogging more than I thought I would and I am having fun reading your blogs and learning a lot from all of you!

Thank you for visiting and reading!


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