How do you do it?

Really, how do you follow and read other blogs and write your own?

What is your process in the blogosphere?

I really would like some feedback.

I know I don’t have to read everything. I know I can turn notifications off.

How do you stay connected?


13 thoughts on “How do you do it?

  1. Well… if I ignore my Inbox for a day, I have 80 e-mails. 😀 If I don’t read them, I have fewer people read my posts.

    The people with mass fame and …well, really just fame… spend a good hour answering and leaving comments on others’ posts. They schedule posts ahead. They ask a question at the end of their posts. Stuff like that.

    I’m hoping that others invest more time than I have in their sites, and that’s my failing. 🙂

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  2. Well, I am home because of Celiac Disease, so I have more time to spend on it because I do it full time. I read the blogs I follow in the morning and post comments to them and I check it throughout the day too. I check my notifications on WordPress and my email all day too. I do all that and write my blog by God’s grace in the power of the Holy Spirit. Without Jesus, I would not be out here blogging and preaching the Gospel. The community of people here on WordPress is what blogging is all about, so interacting with folks and staying connected is how blog readership is built. Sometimes I need to take a break and that is okay. If I keep up with the messages and emails, then it is not overwhelming. I hope that helps. God bless you!

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  3. You can turn off most emails from blogs through the manage button. I’m finding it hard to keep up also. I think I’m going to pare the number of blogs I follow down and only participate in so many challenges.

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  4. I have a number of favourite bloggers that I look for first, there is simply no way to read them all, but a select few have become almost like family. Sometimes reading other bloggers inspires me and I write – sometimes it is something in my environment – either at work or at home….but no, it isn’t easy, but anything worthwhile is generally no easy – right?

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