A cycle of life

A continuation of Leaves Leave.

Buds sprout and grow(birth)
Leaves turn green 
Some never change color (live and die without notice)
Others dance and become yellow, or orange and red (stages of life)
Some turn brown and fall (die)
Yet others stay on the tree 
Hanging on for dear life
All brown and shriveled and for all purposes dead
Gasping for one last breath (hospice)
Buds sprout
Sprout and grow
Grow into leaves
Leaves of Green
Green turns Yellow
Yellow to Red or Gold
Golden days
Days are ending
Ending the season
Season and aging
Aging on branches 
Branches with crunchy
Crunchy and withered
Withered and Dead
Dead Leaves
Leaves leave
Leave until Spring


2 thoughts on “A cycle of life

  1. Ruth, the first part of this poem took me completely by surprise…in other words I thought I knew where it was going but the last part really made me pause and think when I got to “(hospice)”…Just wanted you to know that I thought this was particularly good. I didn’t really have any mental images until I got to that part and “(hospice)” put an image into my mind where the part before this about “life” and “death” and “leaf” didn’t do that. It was a sort of mental slam on the breaks, full stop. Very nicely done!

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