The Whacky Weekend Challenge #4-Shower

Thank you Dark Netizan for this challenge. To read the details, click the following link. The Whacky Weekend Challenge #4-Shower


When I think of showers, this is what came to mind.

Bloody Showers

When I was a kid we sang “Showers of blessings” in church. We also sang about washing in a fountain of blood. Imagine–if you had no knowledge of Christianity.

Here is a list of hymns… is this a church for vampires?

  • “There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s veins”
  • “Are you washed in the blood of the lamb?”
  • “Nothing but the blood of Jesus”

People get really freaked out about what non-Christian religions do or say or believe…. I know it can be described by saying it is symbolic, but maybe the other religions can too.


Emmanuel’s blessings shower down,
Red as a crimson rose,
Filling a fountain with blood
To wash me from head to toe

Fountains of blood
Shower blessings
On believers

Showers of blessings
Filling a fountain with blood
Washed and free from sin


I don’t know what else or how else to express myself for this very unusual response to the shower prompt. If you got this far, thank you for reading.


6 thoughts on “The Whacky Weekend Challenge #4-Shower

  1. “I know it can be described by saying it is symbolic, but maybe the other religions can too.” This is a very strong argument for seeking to understand the beliefs of others before condemning them. Thank you!

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  2. When I was growing up, we’d have nights where the youth and college age people would get together to sing ‘hymns of the faith,’ of which the only requirement was that the song had to contain blood. We all thought it was raucous fun, but my spouse – who is Catholic – was horrified at these Protestant songs!

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    1. When I was in choir, toward my last days there, I asked “why do we have to sing these bloody songs” many had never thought about it. Now when They sing them they think of me 😂😂😂😂

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