What is a poem

Asking for a friend 😉”

I’ve been trying my hand at poetry and then the challenge of terrible poetry showed up. I thought–I can do that! But it is harder than it seems and has made me wonder about even what I consider acceptable / good poetry.

How do you judge whether a poem is good or not?

What are the sources you use for inspiration?

Thank you for responding.


16 thoughts on “What is a poem

  1. I have been trying to write some poetry too, but have not produced anything I like well enough to publish yet. I love poetry. Good poetry. Good poetry makes me feel something I wouldn’t have felt without reading the poem.

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  2. Sometimes life inspires me to write a few lines of poetry such as the weather or a season, a life event, or the sudden memory of a past event. I think poetry is like any creative endeavor and what my words mean to me may mean something very different to the reader. I do not consider myself a poet per se, but I enjoy dabbling in it from time to time. Whether a poem is “good” or “bad” is less important to me than the fact that someone somewhere exercised their innate need to create – so in that sense it’s all good. Art,like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder, or in this case the reader.

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    1. Here is it. Hoping with few errors.

      Poetry is a hard
      which effects, in sailing mind,

      The world is bursting, and its parts
      falling like rain
      are comets in the sky,
      adorned with unreal colours
      so truer
      than the artificial rags
      of thick days.

      The insignificant, disproportionate,
      occupy alone all the space
      and all the time,
      the one passing
      and the one stopped.

      The thundering whispers,
      pastel color
      or black and white,
      are a call
      to follow the tortuous meanders
      of syllables,
      exactly like
      the astrolab’s paths.

      Being reader or writer,
      the poet is an illusion
      of himself, and of the glimmer
      he believes is shining on the horizon.

      Poetry is a hard
      and the poet is sailing
      on an adventure.

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  3. Ah, Ruth. This is what I get for getting waaay behind on my Reader’s Feed.

    The other comments are fantastic; I totally agree.

    From what I’ve seen; poetry needs to come from knowing how to write according to rules and writing quite a few poems that way, then eventually breaking out and working from feelings.
    Practice, practice, practice -right?

    You’re a good poet, and a good terrible poet. Keep writing!

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