The Whacky Weekend #5 Challenge-canine

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A few canines are cute
Others are scary
I’d rather pet a cat
Than a dog that is hairy

Truth: I’m scared of big dogs and just don’t like dogs. If I visit someone with dogs I tolerate them but I hate when they try to lick my face. I used to think I was allergic to them, but actually am allergic to the pollen and dirt they carry in on their coats from the outside.


5 thoughts on “The Whacky Weekend #5 Challenge-canine

  1. I don’t like being around big dogs either. I grew up with a cute little West Highland Terrier named Toady. Real smart and loyal little dog. My wife is from Anchorage, Alaska. During a visit one time, we visited a home where the people had an Alaskan Malamute that was huge! The guy was over 6 feet tall and when the dog jumped up it could put it’s paws on his shoulders and stand face to face with the guy. The thing looked like a wolf! Scariest dog I’ve ever been around. It wasn’t a normal Malamute either. It had been bred with something else and it was enormous! 🙂

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