Deductibles and refunds-limerick rant

In response to Esther’s Challenge to write about our favorite rant. A pet peeve?

Let’s try a limerick

Deductibles and refunds

In January you must meet your deductible
So that the doctor or test is accessible
For each visit you pay
Without any delay
And refunded when THEY deem acceptable

~Ruth Scribbles~

NOTE: Here in the USA we have to buy health insurance. Sometimes the monthly payment determines the deductible. But once the deductible is met, you pretty much pay a standard fee for office visits etc.

Just yesterday I went to pick up medical equipment. [I had waited until I had met my deductible (or so I thought-I had paperwork from my doctor to verify that fact).] I was informed that the insurance company showed I still needed to pay xyz. I asked about the paperwork I had in hand to verify said payments, she said she couldn’t use that. I asked about a refund. She said that timing may mean that I won’t get my money back until sometime in March!! Wow!