Ugly duckling

They called me scarecrow
That really hurt my feelings
Ugly duckling me


That’s me
At least how I was perceived
Eighth grade was tough
I wore my aunt’s 15 year ago clothes
That were modest (most important)
And we were poor
Long uncut hair, and ugly glasses
And tall,
Some thought I was a teacher
An odd duck for sure
Look up how high schoolers dressed 1967.

1967 me in my Aunt’s hand-me-downs


9 thoughts on “Ugly duckling

  1. I grew 6 inches one summer, and wound up wearing whatever Mum’s boss’s daughter was getting rid of – taller than my teacher, glasses, waiting for braces… Kids can be awful. Oddly enough, one of my favorite people in the world now was one of my tormentors then. Life – you can’t make this stuff up.

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