#10 Terrible Poem—Worrisome Noises (2 terrible awful poems)

Title: The hootin’ toothy tootin’ lady

There was an old lady who tooted
The kids all thought it was a hoot
She sniffled and coughed
And ate applesauce
And went to sleep over there
On the sofa
Her bed was piled with laundry



Title: Squirrels go whirling

The squirrel in the attic
Became full of static
From running around in the insulation
Itching and scratching
He left the attic because the people
Heard him running
And they went to chase him out
But it was a nightmare because
He caused sparks that sizzled
From the static in the attic
And then I woke up.


Prompt: http://chelseaannowens.com/2019/01/19/the-weekly-terrible-poetry-contest-5/

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