It’s me, not you…

I started blogging to hear and feel my journey and find my voice. Writing can be therapeutic and revealing. I started out ok and sometimes I do write about my journey (past and present) and then…. I got distracted trying to read lots and lots of posts and using word prompts to help me write haikus. I spend all day reading and commenting a little and then forgot to write. I think I have a whole batch of saved challenges… I want to share my photos and haven’t done much of that. So… I need to get my focus back. I need to read less and write or share photos more. And/or not focus on challenges, but just blog.

Is it just me?


15 thoughts on “It’s me, not you…

  1. Thank you, Ruth. No you are not alone. Me too! Trying to find balance. I learn and grow from all the creative posts and voices. I think that I will scale back on challenges unless they coincide with what wants to come out. Have a great writing day!! 🤗

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  2. Just a suggestion…you may want to use some of your photographs as your own prompts and challenges. For a time, I wrote posts using one of my own photographs and wrote a 50 word paragraph (exactly 50 words, no more, no less) to go with each one. That exercise helped me grow as a writer, I think, because it made me concentrate on choosing the best words possible to give the most meaning. Just a suggestion though.

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  3. I have to agree with you Ruth. I love being creative and having other bloggers like and comment as it inspires you to write more and push yourself to another level. Before you know it, you can get behind in your reading and the payback. We are all challenged by it, and every now and again we fall off for a few days because “Life Happens”. The wonderful thing is that it is a kind and accepting community and you’ll always be forgiven 🙂. Write on!

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  4. It’s not just you! I made a commitment to myself that I would read as much as a could but that meant I would only select the blogs which I was really in tune with. Be strict with yourself, you can’t read everything! And I committed to writing first, then reading if there was time. This helped me balance better. Hope it helps. 🙂

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