Do I love me?

Jennifer Westrom said “You are here to learn to love yourself, and others. Every spiritual tradition ultimately teaches this Truth.”

As I started to think about this, I realize this is true and I have a lot of work to do!

Do I love myself?
Not nearly enough, I think!
Time to learn to love

What is love?

Am I kind to Ruth?
Am I caring of Ruth?
Do I show Ruth sympathy, compassion, or forgiveness?
Am I friendly to Ruth?
Or do I call Ruth names and constantly put her down? Do I always judge her? Do I let her rest? How about feeding? Do I feed her right? Do I encourage her to try again? Or do I chastise her for not doing right?
Ah …. we return to the question at the top.
Try substituting your name — do you love you?
If you do, please share in the comments.
~Ruth Scribbles~

4 thoughts on “Do I love me?

  1. I hope Jennifer gets to read this. She would be so proud of you and your response to her daily message. I never connected the dots until I read your scribbles this morning. Poor Betty has been so abused by me. I will try to be nicer to her now.

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  2. To answer your question – Yes, I think I do! 🙂
    “Every spiritual tradition ultimately teaches this Truth.” This stuck in my head. The more I thought about it, I can agree but only because every spiritual tradition that I understand ultimately teaches you’re loving yourself IF you worship a deity. Personally, I think you can do it on your own.

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