Terrible Poetry Contest-#11-Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the rough

Rough diamond

Cracking windows is tough

I need a diamond

One with rough edges

Edges to scratch glass

Glass walls that keep me out

Out and not in

In with the gang

Gang of a thousand

Thousands of diamonds that sparkle

Sparkle and shine illuminating

My world with possibilities

Life is rough,

I mean tough

~Ruth Scribbles~


Challenged by Chelsea Owens

11 thoughts on “Terrible Poetry Contest-#11-Diamond in the Rough

      1. The other one fit in better maybe.
        She had no edumacation
        And dressed like a bum
        No class, had this lass
        But she would never steal

        Her shoes,
        Them had holes
        Fingernails full of dirt
        Her hat was askew

        The skirt was filthy
        She needed a wash
        Some socialization was a must
        She smiled and laughed at my jokes

        Smacked her lips
        When tasty food was offered
        Strong and rough
        A diamond

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