2018 was a year of challenges


Thanks for asking!!

We had two addresses, though we resided in the new address.

The first month was the rebuilding of the kitchen. We did not have a working kitchen until the beginning of February.

During that time we were living with boxes and belongings of the previous owners (my husbands parents) and his living aunt.

Beginning of February we rented a pod to load up stuff my sister-in-law wanted. It was jammed packed. But it made room for us to move in our stuff.

Mid February I went to Houston to pack up our apartment and say goodbye to friends. Our stuff moved.

The last day of February the room holding our belongings plus a closet full of more junk my sister-in-law had to go through was flooded.

It took a few months to line up contractors and flooring to redo the room. It is now our den. It is lovely.

There were several more iterations of clean out and trips to goodwill and half price books and rubbish. Sister-in-law and I had a major almost shouting match. We were stressed beyond belief.

Finally after Christmas I can now say that all the closets I want are mine (ours).

We are also caregivers for our now 98 year old aunt. The main thing we do now is drive her to her appointments, and bank. She goes grocery shopping every week with my husband. (I take her everywhere else. )

The house drained our accounts. Financially our first year of retirement was not one of relaxation and fun but anguish and almost zero (literally) bank account.

But now we have revised some of our methods of income (legally ha), and 2019 should be a lot more fun! We will go out at least once a week instead of living like we are 98 too.

Retirement is
Complicated and not easy
Scary times are past

~Ruth Scribbles~

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