Feeling unsettled
Anger in hiding
Hiding, concealed,
Needing to dissipate
Into thin air
Air already toxic with
Unexpressed emotions
Undetectable–behind a mask
Needing to evaporate
Dissolve, disappear
Pressure building
Invisible rage
Ready to explode
The unforeseeable response
About to erupt
Visible destruction

~Ruth Scribbles~

Written in response to Merril’s challenge on dverse, Poetics: Invisible.

I was feeling unsettled, agitated… then I realized I could use this prompt to relinquish the feelings. Thank you for reading!

19 thoughts on “Unsettled

  1. I’m so pleased that my prompt came at the right time for you–and that you took advantage of it. I hope it helped. I like the idea that feelings that are invisible become visible in a poem.

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