My bad dreams last night carry a thread of abandonment.

Abandonment of places, stuff, and friends.

There are many things going on. The last couple of days were several “anniversaries” and others are in the next few days.

My mother-in-law died ten years ago and I now live in her house. Eight years ago we downsized our house sold one of our cars and moved into an apartment to live more simply. Five years ago we downsized and packed up our things and moved to England for three years. Two years ago we moved back to Texas USA. Last year we finally moved all of our things from Houston into this house. February has been a monumental month for us. Oh… and at the end of February, 2018, part of our house flooded from rain and street drainage couldn’t handle it.

Theme? Moving, downsizing, leaving friends, making friends, death.

Yes! That’s a lot. Not all bad, but stressful nonetheless.

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