Bad dreams

I can’t even articulate the dream, but good friends turned on me because I didn’t keep their property as pristine as they deemed necessary. And to be fair, i left a lot of stuff behind. I think it was a fast move from country to country so I couldn’t take lots of things with me. There were toys in the middle of the floor and a throw pillow on the floor. Evidently the apartment was furnished including the throw pillow that I had allowed to be on the floor. I was so sad that these friends turned on me instead of talking to me and realized they had talked to mutual friends who had turned against me for reasons I can’t remember.

This dream has left me unsettled. I’m writing this out to help me process it.


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      1. Last night in my dreams I was again packing up and cleaning my apartment. This time I had help but was running late and hoping the cleaning I was doing would pass inspection. (I always clean places I’m moving out of.)

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