A day in the life….

Yesterday was a day to stay in and not put on street clothes.

I ran interference for Auntie M and Medicare and secondary. This has never happened before. Shut down? Reduction of staff?

We love watching the squirrels and the birds. Good pictures are hard because they run when the door is opened and the windows are filthy.

Clean the windows you say! 🤔. A lot of dust and grime are between the inside windows and the storm windows. The inside windows are stuck closed. We need new windows… but the cost! Plus the foundation may need attention before we do that! 68 year old house in Texas is well… OLD!!

Another thing… back to squirrels… Jim puts seed etc out for the birds and squirrels. They both “steal” from one another. One location is in a notch/fork in the branches. Auntie M refers to the location as “crotch” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Squirrel 🐿 eating apple.

I’m not sure the CBD oil is doing a whole lot, yet the sickish feeling I had earlier in the week is gone. I’m back to doing daily exercises (10 minutes). I need to be more active. I’m hoping that soon my body won’t react so negatively.

Then there’s watching British shows on PBS. Have I mentioned that I miss living in the UK? Well except for Brexit… but then we have Trump.

All this to say my life is going ok. I seem to be in a wait and see mode and trying to get back to taking a lot more photographs and delving into my genealogy again. Oh and writing more poetry.

Louisa asleep
Beautiful white kitty
Sixteen years old now

She rarely sleeps there anymore. Something spooked her back six months ago is our only guess. It’s a ringside seat to bird 🦅 and squirrel 🐿 watching. Most of the time she can’t be bothered. Too busy sleeping and eating. (No she is not overweight.)

Have a lovely week!! And I’ll do my best to do the same!!


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