Notification sounds, bubbles, pop up messages, can be a distraction (for me) [my partner though can have hundreds of unread mail with no problem].

So I’ve turned off email sounds, and twitter pop up notices, Facebook and WordPress notices and I’m much less anxious because I have time to read and/or comment.

HOWEVER-now I read more… but on my phone and not a book. A wise woman asked me if I could go for a few hours without my phone, and the answer is yes, but……

If I don’t have a plan or too anxious or depressed or bored, instead of picking up a book, I pick up my phone and search for connections or trouble… ha… but more likely games on my phone… spider solitaire, mahjong (not matching).

So now I need to schedule time with myself to do other things…. but I’m not an outdoor person. I’ll get there, but for now….

Even no notifications are a distraction.

Distractive-ly yours,


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