Week 12 2019 #52Frames -OLD

Title: Time Stands Still

Description: Grandma Austin collected blue pattern plates. She loved old china plates and this clock. Since the clock moved to this house it has been 12:10 (it is right twice a day).

These things are out in the shed waiting to find a new home. I chose 2 photos and created a double exposure in Snapseed. I first decided to clean up each photo removing wire shelving. I used the brush to remove background along with the healing tool. I applied vintage to both and grunge to the dishes. I then imported the clock and then imported the dishes turning and twisting them to help fill the frame. I had fun creating an art piece.


The two photos before double exposure:

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  1. This really turned out beautiful. I am not a photographer myself, but I did fiddle with a course in b;ack and white once and have been enthralled by it ever since. Very nice work, Ruth.

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