The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest-Unrequited Love

Why did you not?

Oh my darlin’, oh my sweet
I loved you, yes, complete(ly)

You looked around me
Why? I beg you, gee!

My nose never dripped snot
I didn’t smell of rot

Was I too tall, ugly, or thin
What could I have done
To reign you in?

But now that we’re grown
And I’ve matured a bunch
I escaped a hell of a life
I now know that much!

Stay out of my dreams
You now make me scream
-with delight

never yours


This poem was “inspired” by Chelsea Ann Owens!!

10 thoughts on “The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest-Unrequited Love

    1. oh, if you’re referring to completely, that’s tricky. When a verb is modified by a word that modifies it by describes how it operates in terms of “how, when, where, or why,” then it’s an adverb and commonly takes the “-ly” ending:
          “I loved you”

      Maybe someone else remembers about predicate adjectives and such. I’m not sure about that, but there are times when you can put an adjective after a verb if is modifies the subject:

      Your love is complete.
      Love is complete.
      He is complete.

      I suppose with a little poetic license you could argue that it is implied that it is an adjective in this way:
      I loved you as you are: a complete person. I loved you in the nature of you — complete.
      So it depends on who is the effective subject. He as a complete person, or she loving him completely. Although it could be that she loves the complete person completely.

      Often ambiguity makes for a perfect poem. Sometimes not. The terror is in not knowing which is which or is it that. I don’t know.

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  1. Could be that the love that got away smelled of fish. The advantage of maturing a bunch is that one doesn’t need a bunch of roses anymore and a bunching up of a crying towel. In the Requiem for an Unrequited Love there is a prayer for those who wish to requite the good departure with a never coming back. How could good riddance ever be bad, when the grim weeper throws the tissue of existence into the wind to catch the leaves that take leave.
        Good sobs requite the day lost or something. Enjoyed. Thanks.

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