The Squirrels #Na/GloPoWriMo Day23-2019

Playing catch-up!

April 23’s Prompt: to write a poem about an animal.


The Squirrels

Across the lawn then
Up a tree
The three little squirrels
Run with glee

They stop and stare
Without a glare
Then continue their run
Without a care

They tease the cats
Running up-top fences
To the next yard
Without consequences

From tree to tree
They jump and run
Higher and higher
Toward the sun

Once at the top
They turn and look
Then down to the bottom
To hide in their nook


3 thoughts on “The Squirrels #Na/GloPoWriMo Day23-2019

  1. I enjoyed this poem. It a,also made me think it should be included in a book of poetry for children, in my mind’s eye I can even see the illustrations. Wonderful stuff!

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