Update(s) of this and that

With rest and perseverance, my back seems to be back to where it was before I cleaned house last week (mind, I did not dust). So my robot vacuum will do the vacuuming so I can mop and dust (or not).

I read another book. I was surprised that I’ve read 12 this year, so far. (Putting the phone down means I have to do something, right?)

I’ve started the HERculean task of digital cleanup. I’ve so far purged 200+ gigabytes of duplicate photos… I have almost another 100GB to go…. making sure I didn’t lose any…. uh… well… and these duplicates are exact duplicates… once that is done it is time to get rid of photos that do not bring me joy or are almost duplicates… lol

And I’ve written or shared a few poems… and taken one or two photos.

My cat is still eating and in less pain… so we keep loving her every day we have with her.

My aunt is still walking upright and has not fallen (a worry for me, but she really is very steady but slow and tentative when moving around). She is now closer to 99 than to 98.

Another grandbaby is expected in 6-8 weeks. ❤️

Thanks for reading!!

Remember, one act or kind word can help change a life for the better!! ONLY ONE!


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