Week 23-2019 52Frames Stairs

Title: Custom Staircase

Description: This staircase was built by my late father-in-law, may he R.I.P. The purpose was for a little aged dog with short legs. (With my back and knees, I have appreciated them whenever I need to go out back.)


8 thoughts on “Week 23-2019 52Frames Stairs

  1. Wow, that’s brilliant Ruth! We were just discussing what we could do for our doggies – Our back porch has quite few steps down to the yard and they’re getting older…. I’ll have to show this to my hubby. He may have just gotten a project added to his “honey-do” list.😁

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  2. This is so damn neat. people with beautiful soul can relate with pains of animals.
    My old dog has arthritis too… And we too are discovering innovative ways to make her life comfortable… Let’s see ☺️

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