The Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest-The Irritated Ant

I haven’t lost in a while. Sigh

Today’s topic is hard for me to discern.

Chelsea says:

“The Topic is a repeated number. Besides children singing pop songs, I loathe when I have to sit through everyone using the same prompt word for 500 entries. So, irritate me.”

So….. the title of this is

🐜 The Irritated Ant 🐜

There once was an ant named Pyzant
Who loved to sing loathsome pop songs
His family hated those cheesy peezy bongs
Sounding like thunder and marching ants
Did you know ants march?
One by one and never done
Ants are not sluggards
They are drunkards
And they keep singing
“The ants go marching five by two”
And they never ever tie their shoes
So irritating. Now I can’t get that out-
Of my head
And it’s time for bed



ps how’s that for an ear worm 🐛?

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