Are you an anti-vaxer??

Well, today I am.

I refused two vaccines because my insurance (medicare part d, nor Medicare part b, nor Medicare part g) that I PAY for, doesn’t cover it.

Shingles and Pneumonia

One will cost $166.00, the other $198.00.

I’m considered elderly and these are considered necessary by my doctor.


It’s a scam! An absolute scam!

Getting angry helped remove a little of the funk, but my g-d. Who the f&*£ has this kind of money laying around in their checking account for something I may not even really need??

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who’s the crookedest of them all?

BIG Pharma; SICK insurance (cause bankruptcy) companies? Politicians.

They only fracking care about profits!! Damn them!!


15 thoughts on “Are you an anti-vaxer??

      1. Unfortunately, there are one too many people that can’t afford to get the proper medical treatment out there because of funds.
        In this day and age, it’s pretty damn sad to see this happening. When people have to decide mediation or food, something in this sytem is broken.

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  1. I think we should take all those vaccines especially in child hood BUT I do think they should all be covered by the state.. not even medical aid.. pharmaceuticals are big big money.. it’s a joke that’s not really funny.. 😉

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      1. That is just too much. The commercials on tv all tell about how pain and awful it is to get shingles, and it may be, but I don’t like preying on people by using fear of agonizing pain just to make money.

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