And the White People Say

White man kills masses
And the white people say, not my boy

White people spew racist slurs
And the white people say “But I’m not racist”

BIPOC say you have to do the work
And the white people say, how? What? Me?

We all have unconscious bias
And the white people say “not me”

White peoples feel helpless
And the white peoples say “what can I do?”

I’ll tell you, white people…..
Listen, read, learn from BIPOC


Don’t be a savior, be an ally
Don’t say, “but my wife is black”
Don’t say “I have a black friend”

#BLACKLIVESMATTER too and until they do, all lives don’t matter

Please read this.

I don’t have all the answers. I am very aware of how society taught me racism. I’m not a racist and now I am anti-racist.

~RuthScribbles ~

3 thoughts on “And the White People Say

  1. This is very interesting. I come from South AFrica where racism is pretty rife but it’s in all forms, white against black, black against white, Zulu against Xhosa or Sotho or Indebele and vis a verse and local blacks against the foriegn blacks from surrounding countries.. The second you say.. You People…..

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