Life is Difficult/Easy, Sad/Happy . . .

. . . all at the same time.

Last week, for example, my granddaughter was born… born on the anniversary of Lynn’s “too early in life’s” death. Then her bday was last week too (she would have been 64).

Thursday, we got to meet our granddaughter and watch the grand boys play.

Friday we thought our cat was in her last hours, but she perked up and is keeping us on our toes.

Then, Saturday we got a call from my other sister-in-law-she was diagnosed with cancer.

All of that in one week! Life is strange/hard/fun/Happy/sad all at once.

See what I mean?


15 thoughts on “Life is Difficult/Easy, Sad/Happy . . .

  1. Sometimes I think that, as a sort of mirror reflection. While I am sad, another is happy. Someone is bringing a child into the world and another learns she miscarries. A couple meet for the first time; an elderly man says, “Goodbye” to his wife of 60 years.

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