ChelseaAnn Owens challenged me to answer some questions… I don’t usually do this, but I will break my personal rule this time. Her questions funnily, don’t all have answers. Her original post is  here.

*What’s your favorite cheesy joke? Aren’t all jokes cheesy? Play on words are my favorite.

*Who would win in a boxing round; rock, paper, or scissors? these things box? Who’d a thought.

*Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? I did, of course.

*Why is it always the last place you look? Because it was the first, tenth, and twentieth place first of all.

*Which storybook villain would always win a limerick competition? Villains don’t limerick, they are villains, not poets.

*Given an infinite number of monkeys and typewriters, how soon before they realize typewriters are outdated and they’ll need to learn sign language? What????? Monkeys already use sign language.

*What is the best letter of the alphabet? ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. But if I had to pick one, to tell the truth, it is R, for Ruth.

*Who is the most misunderstood nursery rhyme character? The old lady in the shoe. Her children drove her crazy.

*How much chocolate is too much? which kind of chocolate?

*Who would win in a duel: chocolate volcano cake or bananas foster? Neither. I prefer cobbler topped with icecream or pie, thank you.

Thank you for reading. I chose not to nominate anyone, because well…. I don’t want to. There are too many folks out there that are fun to read.


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