Dear Friends!

No… I’m not quitting or shutting down!

I’m going on a vacation (solo) to visit family in the Netherlands and friends in / near Cambridge England. (My hubby is staying home to mind the house and the ancient Auntie and ancient kitty.)

I will be in a different time zone and will be more jet lagged than usual. Lol

I’m going from 100F to 66F (38C to 20C). I may be borrowing sweaters /jumpers. 🥴😉

My biggest challenge is asking for assistance (wheelchair) to get through security and to the gate. I was going to try without, and then vertigo hit, so I’ll take the assistance.

I’m not that old, but with fibromyalgia, arthritis, and bad back… you get the picture… I’m not yet strong enough for the long airport walks. Vertigo is unpredictable and I don’t want to panic anyone. (It is a mild case of Positional vertigo.)

So all that to say, I hope to post, and to knock myself out of these doldrums!!

If you are still reading… thanks! And see you soon!!


14 thoughts on “Dear Friends!

  1. Have loads of fun, and remember, it’s OK to use the resources you’ve got – like wheelchair assistance. It takes a lot of stress out of the trip. Pictures! Yes, please!!!

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