Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest #41

Topic: back to school

Back to school

“Why oh why?”

The children cry

“Yipee Skippy!”

The parents are trippin’

“Kids are goin’ back to school!”

School daze begin again

Hallelujah! Amen!!



You need clean clothes

And play clothes TOO!

paper and pencils

And have to work at home too??

OH! NO!!!

BACK to school BLUES!!


15 thoughts on “Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest #41

  1. To reiterate an earlier comment. The only terrible thing about your entries to the terrible poetry is that they’re not terrible 🙂 this sums up my sentiments exactly.

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      1. Hmmmmmmm… have you tried my guide? When I opted for your method for another person’s (similar) method, I lost horribly.

        Since you seem too good at poetry to do that, an intentional abuse of meter and rhyme -a downgrade edit or two- may help.

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