Fibbing Friday: September 13, 2019-update

(Second try)

To get a copy of the questions, and to play along, click here.

This is, I think, my second time answering questions due to a prompt not the fibbing one).

1. If flower seeds give us flowers and tomato seeds give us tomatoes, what does bird seed give us? Birds of course! Male seed combines with female seed=birds!

2. How do you make a cat flap? A flapping cat us an unhappy cat! If your friend makes one flap, RUN!

3. Why is Friday 13th considered unlucky? UNLUCKY?? Says who? Oh…. If you are born on the 13th of the month, YOU rule!! Everyone else, then are very unlucky!

4. When is the Witching Hour? Which hour witches? Which one – midnight of course.

5. Are familiars always cats? Familiars are not unfamiliar, therefore the cat is familiar!

6. Where did McDonald’s originate? At Old McDonald’s Farm!

7. What was the first thing Sleeping Beauty said when roused from sleep by her prince? “It’s about time!!

8. What’s the difference between a sink and a basin? Sinks are at the bottom of the body of water. A basin IS the body of water!

9. Why does the wind howl? Wouldn’t you howl if you banged into everything?

10. Why do we say swinging the lead? Because swinging the iron is silly!


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