Thank You!

Sweet girl!

Losing a pet is much harder than I thought it would be. The photo is the last photo I took of her (hours before we said goodbye). She is not in pain any longer, but we miss her so much.

Words of comfort and condolences have meant more than you will ever know.

Our vet made it as comfortable as possible for us to say goodbye to Louisa and there was no pain. I still cry when I have that picture in my head.

Yesterday I got the call that I could come up and pick up her ashes. I was very surprised and the care package we were given. Louisa’s ashes were placed in a beautiful small wooden (rosewood?) box, with a bronze plate with her name on it. We also got a “coaster” with a paw print and her name. We got a swatch of her fur, and a card, with a heart-shaped flat object that has flowers in it to plant for a memorial (I will be planting that today – I will add her fur to the pot.)

We have seen her and heard her since she left. We miss her so much. It still hurts. But she will always remain in our hearts.

In grief,


23 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. You put your emotions and pain above hers and that shows such courage and love. It is only normal that your grief will be with you and Jim for an infinite time. I still mourn the losses of my fur babies. They remain in our hearts and memories. You have the additional tokens of Louisa in the beautiful box, coaster and bag.

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  2. Oh Ruth! I am truly sorry!! I know!!! I am parallel to you! I got the box etc too. Couldn’t take it out if the bag. I just hug the whole thing. Now I hug you, too! Love you!! Sue

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  3. I have a same story and I do feel it all….. Losing of a loving pet can never be forgotten. A part of our heart goes with it…… It’s a blessing to have felt their love and presence in our lives..This post brought tears in my eyes as I remember my last moments with my one too. But am relieved that atleast she’s free from any pain.. God bless

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  4. I’ve been known to cry all the way home from picking up a fur baby, sobbing over a paw print, and the like. They move into our hearts, and they are missed so much then they are gone.
    It sounds like your vet understand this, and does all they can to help you know they care. One of the things ours does is put a sign on the door – “Rainbow Bridge; Do Not DIsturb”. (Yes, i’m tearing up now.) It’s hard to walk through that door, but, knowing that everyone in that office cares and will give us as much time as we need? It helps a little.
    Your Louisa will always be a part of you, a part that loves you unconditionally. That’s a gift that is worth the hurt of losing a love.

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