OctPoWriMo 2019 Day 15

Topic: Mother May I

Prompt words: Pregnant Adoption Birth Wish

Form: Ballad

This was a challenge. I had fun even though it doesn’t quite work.

–added after publish–Oops a typo or… uh



“Mother may I” never worked
Siblings watched and then they smirked
Ruthie tried and tried again
Continually told it was a sin

Then little Ruthie told a lie
Mama feared she’d surely die
Telling lies is not clever
Going to hell is forever

Ruthie is a liar
Devil’s got her tongue
Liar liar dress on fire
The Demons chant was dire

“Mother may I” is required
DisObeying not desired
Ruthie was a stubborn girl
Obeying made her snarl

Ruthie is a snarler
Devil’s got the girl
Swirling twirling
Demons dance and whirl



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