OctPoWriMo 2019 Day 16

Topic: Father Time

Word Prompts: Measure, running out, overwhelm, slowly, fast, wasting, giving away, me time

Form: Blitz (this is a fun form)


Father old
Father time
Time’s running out
Time’s wasting
Wasting away
Wasting fast
Fast moving
Fast fleeing
Fleeing refugees
Fleeing fugitives
Fugitives hide
Fugitives run
Run away
Run back
Back to base
Back home
Home base
Home measure
Measure time
Measure distance
Distance immeasurable
Distance far
Far from home
Far away
Away forever
Away team
Team building
Team work
Work overwhelms
Work life
Life style
Life line
Line item
Line up
Up top
Up ahead
Ahead of time
Ahead of you
You are overwhelmed
You are late
Late again
Late night
Night time
Night watch
Watch for
Watch your back
Back away
Back up



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