OctPoWriMo 2019 Day 18

Topic: The First Time I Was Disappointed

Prompt words: Heartbroken Hurt Resolve Broken Strengthen This too shall pass Prayer Overcome Faith Give up

Form: any


The Christmas That Was No More

My last childhood Christmas was when I was seven. At that age I believed my parents were perfect and knew what was right and wrong, and now Christmas was wrong. We had no tree and no wrapped presents. I remember my dad handing me his bible as a gift. I have no memory of anything else. I have no memory of disappointment, yet as the years went by I felt terribly left out. No TV, no Christmas, no Easter. (BTW I grew up believing that none of the other Christian churches were true Christians, and they and everyone else were bound for hell.)

I’ve been through so many iterations of celebrating as a secular holiday or religious only celebrations to just grinning and bearing it. (I get depressed every year.)

1959 was my first Christmas disappointment.

No Christmas tree here
Bah humbug Happy New Year
Christmas blues again



10 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo 2019 Day 18

  1. We set such high expectations for that one holiday each year. It is inevitable that we are disappointed from time to time. I wonder what the turn around was for your parents that upended the celebrations which had previously been acceptable. Squelching Christmas without explanation is a cruelty. I suggest you perform a small ritual each Christmas season just for yourself to remind you that you are not them and everyday holds promise to be joyful.

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