RTS and Update

I found the book (Leaving the Fold).

I’ve not started reading it again… fact is, I haven’t read anything except blogs and posts and news articles. So many things cramming my mind.

Impeachment is one. Disturbing dreams. Extreme fatigue. Fun genealogy research. Meeting up with friends and attending a “Chronic Pain self-management program” that is way too early in the morning, where we are working on goal setting and changing habits. It is hard mental work.

But… I’ve also been looking at websites suggested and others found about Recovering from religion. My brain is full.

Here’s my glassware art I painted two weeks ago.


15 thoughts on “RTS and Update

  1. Ruth, I may be out of line in suggesting this but I think you should not whip yourself over religion right now. You have your hands full at present. Take it easy. From what I know of my religion (which I don’t follow too), if you do no harm to others, no harm comes to you.
    Love your artwork.

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  2. I totally agree Ruth inasmuch as we all need to take our time in our journey through life and sometimes we can take on too much and spend more time thinking and worrying than on living. I know that this is something that I do immensely and yet it gets me nowhere, some things I can change but don;t but then beat myself up over them,but the impact of making the change can be a worse feeling for me in terms of my feelings of failure and also my needing to be liked which often mean that I accept something and get on with it but suffer the consequences.

    I too like your artwork it is very creative.
    I hope that you have a fun and restful weekend.

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